Selling During COVID

Selling During COVID

During the COVID-19 time, real estate transactions are moving forward. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently classified real estate as an  essential service. 

Although local laws might affect what's allowed and might ban certain activities like open houses. 
Suffice it to say, many sellers are still listing their homes, and buyers are still buying, too.  I have continued to show all the vacant homes and follow strict cleaning and disenfecting.

Selling a home during a pandemic is new for everyone.  At this time we have to take advantage and use new skills and new Apps that are popular or conveinent for our buyers. around the world.  Every buyer will be different  and will be comfortable with different ways of communicationg.  I have made it my focus during the Shelter in Place time to become proficient at as many ways using as many APPS as possible.

Virtual showings could be the new norm

How will I show your property during Covid?

A virtural tour can be created from many platforms.  As a north shore go to agent and platform savy, I am able to use what ever process our buyer may need.  What will happen is a buyer will schedule a showing, yet may not be on island.  I visit the property and start the video platform or app the client is comfortable with.

Here are a few platforms I'll be working from;
Facebook LIVE
InstaGram TV
IPhone Video

After the buyer joins in on the virtual showing, he or she will take the time to consider if this is the right property for them and if so, present an offer. Ttransaction will also move to a mobile, and online process, even notaries using apps with firewalls and protective entry.  You may find you will be interacting with Esrow throw thier protective email services.  Its a new way of doing business yet once you are used to it, things move very smoothly.

This virtual showing will eliminate lookyloos and unqualified buyers.  For a buyer to participate in a virtual showing, they must provide a loan pre-approval or proof of funds

Before a home showing, I advise and assist sellers in cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas, like countertops and doorknobs, and ask to leave lights on and doors, closets, and cabinets open to limit what visitors need to touch. And since we're in Hawaii and already take off our shoes, I can also add booties to those that are not comfortable barefoot. 

Also, I make hand sanitizer and soap available.  Once the showing is over, I want to help clean and disinfect thoroughly  to lower your exposure risk to whatever the buyers may have brought in with them.

I am committed to selling your home to the highest and best offer.  Together we can work though the obstacles, homes are still selling and yours should be one of them.