Marketing Your Property

15 Items Rhonda brings that work 24/7 to sell your property.


1.Social Media Expert - In my office and as one of the top 100 agents in our State of Hawaii; know that I market and market my properties every day.  I'm also blessed to have on staff, working on only my properties, a full time Social Media gentleman.  I work very closely with Rusty in promoting your property weekly throughout the multiple social media outlets.  Social Media consists [1]of blurbs, tweets, blogs, blasts onto every social media available, a full time job.


We know successful social media is about consistencies, blogging and wrapping cleverly the social media trends throughout our postings.  Making posts, relevant, short and sweet and do so consistently is a true art form.  Our team works together, brainstorms together and welcomes input from the seller.  The owner knows the property more intimately than any of us.  We welcome the owner’s input and dialogue sharing with us the nuance of living on the property that is being sold.  


WEB Work


•  Google AdWords online targeted advertising

 • Facebook online targeted advertising

 • Constant Contact updates targeting local real estate agents

 • Constant Contact updates targeting local buyers

 • All Constant Contact updates are refreshed and reissued on a 4-week cycle


Twitter and Instagram


  •Tweets and Posts targeting local, national, and international real estate agents and buyers

 •Tweets and Posts are refreshed and reissued on a weekly cycle 




• Postings targeting local, national, and international real estate agents and buyers

• Postings are refreshed and reissued on a weekly cycle


 Facebook Ad Campaign


• Ads targeting national and international real estate agents and buyers

These Ad's show up on the right side of Facebook pages directly determined by profiles we select based on 2014 and 2015 buyers and their origination location.


 Online Direct Marketing - Google AdWords


• Ads targeting national and international real estate agents and buyers

We know how to target our property’s Ads using Google Ad words, words used to reach areas that have results as being top buyers on Maui.  The shift is now off of Canada and onto the West Coast; California, Orgeon and Washington are our highest number recorded buyers for 2015



Along with Social Media, Rhonda marketing continues


2.  Coldwell Banker Island Properties Paia is strategically located on Baldwin Ave in the center of the hustle and bustle of locals, tourist, all hopefully morphing into buyers and sellers throughout their tenure here on Maui.  

It's exciting to mix in with this ever-flowing mix of people in and out of our Office in Paia.   We never know who will walk in.   I make sure every agent that does floor at this iconic and very successful office is educated about your property, ready to speak about it's views, it's land and the potential for income producing living there.


3.  MLS with Professional Photography - Entering your property into the MLS is standard.  I separate myself by using  a professional photographer  (Mary Sloane) to create 30 great photos of the living space, views and land for the MLS upload.


4.  Drone Photographer - Additionally I have on staff a drone photographer.  Each of my properties has aerial photography, which is vital to your property and it's layout.  Additionally, the drone photographer (Phil Sobolev) will provide me with multiple 15-second clips to be used on Instagram and Twitter.  We'll have in our arsenal longer pieces to use on Facebook and YouTube.


5 Web Site - You will have an independent Web Site for your property inclusive of video and pictures with many more descriptives than the MLS delivers.  Feel free to send me any out of the box ideas you may have for the property, which will help create copy. 


6.   A QR code will be made for your property and used on all print material.  A QR code is the square barcode with lines and dots within it's borders.  Most all IPhone and Smart Phone users can scan this barcode for access to the your properties website.


 7.  E-Blast - this is an important tool used to educate, remind, again and again all realtors and buyers to your property.  Each E-blast must be creative, consistent and memorable.  Done for the life of the listing.  


8.  Property Flyers.  Book style, with interior photos and supportive copy to help

Paint a picture of what it's like to live here. 


9.  Superior Sign Post with brochure box, no flimsy sign, we want our buyers to be able to find the property.  Your property will have a tall wooden strong flag post with custom sign highlighting your property, not our company.


10. Realtor Caravan  - Haiku is the 4th Thursday of each month.



11.Open House - Should you and your family be out of town, it may be the best time for me to host open houses.  These are optional, come property owners don't care for Open Houses.  I think in the first month when the property is fresh we should do whatever we can to allow and attract buyers.  



12. On-Line Presence


Rhonda's web presence is consistent, constant and relevant and abundant. 

Premier Zillow Agent, 

Trulia Top Tier Agent, Enhanced Properties Program - marketing properties not the agent

Coldwell Global Luxury -  Global Reach 

List Hub - Agent Web Listing service.  You're property will be projected onto over 100 sites on the web.  Flyer detailing the reach of List Hub attached.

Multiple Facebook pages - Rhonda Maui Realtor used for blogging and posting 2500 members

Target Cities Outside Hawaii - US cities with most millionaires targeted using location data from Realtors of Maui statistics



13.  Mailers/Postcards/formal letters to higher end clientele


Creative Targeting - LA, Malibu, San Francisco, Marin County, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC, Colorado 

• Formal postcard mailing throughout your neighborhood and extended 5 miles


14. Luxury Home Magazine and Homes and Land Magazine Print 

2 full page ads that get results

Pages attached for your review


15.  Something New is always on the horizon and I love to try new and creative ways to market.  I'm open to the possibilities that support exposing my listings to the most buyers.

[1] Rhonda Smith Sanchez R(S) 73936     808-205-2175